This idea for this site was birthed after a time of travail in prayer over the unpreparedness of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters in Dominica.

I looked at the peace of mind that we have as a family having used the Joseph principle which the Lord gave me several years ago. I looked at the state of the economy worsening and thought to myself how much of a light and blessing we can be to others when they are going through the times of hardship that are to come if we implement the Joseph principle and other biblical principles.

I am by no means an expert. I am simply one who is following the promptings of the Holy Spirit and preparing for the times to come. Yes, we as Christians do not live according to the world's economic system and therefore God will always provide. I am one who tends to think that God many times shows us what to do and we will have for the future.

Please be a blessing to yourself and those around you by preparing for the future now with the little or the big that you can afford. In the words of my husband "Yes, God will provide and many times he provides in advance and we fail to store and sow. Too many times we only consume."

Here you will find articles and bite-sized weekly tasks to help make emergency preparedness easy and less stressful.  Let us change the way we do things. Let us Be Prepared!

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